Remembering the academics who helped make our department what it is today.

Ramachandra (Ramu) Ramanathan (1936 – 2013)

Dr. RamanathanRenowned Professor of Economics

Dr. Ramanathan was a generous and patient man who was committed to the success of his students, the university, and his consulting practice. Through it all, he was a devoted husband and family man. Please use this page to honor Ramu and his family by sharing your memories, thoughts and stories of how he impacted you and the world around him.

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  1. Ramu was an active member of the department and always, always, devoted to teaching. I remember many useful conversations with him, especially related to approaches to teaching our undergraduates. He was kind and gentle, thoughtful, and always had a smile on his face. That part of the department culture that he helped to create persists to this day!

    Julian Betts

  2. Ramu was always very kind and supportive of me and so many of my fellow graduate students.

    Brian K. Edwards

  3. Ramu was a wonderful colleague. He was always cheerful and helpful. When I told him I cooked a lot of Indian food, he brought me coriander seeds he had grown in his garden! Ramu played an important role in the undergraduate program, teaching econometrics to many generations of students.

  4. I have very fond memories of Ramu, made even fonder by the fact that he was my host on my job fly-out to UCSD in early 1976. His kindness and wit as he introduced me first to La Jolla, then to UCSD’s Coffee Hut (now the Che Cafe), and finally the Department still stand out in my recollections. Later on we noted that although we had very different backgrounds and perspectives on economics, we invariably voted the same on appointments…a mystery to us both. He was a force for good in the Department, and important part of its early family spirit.

    Vince Crawford

  5. Ramu was perhaps our first promotion to tenure in 1972. He specialized in econometrics and in models of economic growth. His econometrics textbook was standard in our undergraduate program for many years. He published widely in top journals including AER and JPE. Ramu and our Nobel prize-winning econometricians, Rob Engle and Clive Granger, worked together on forecasting of electricity demand, and he published articles with them on both forecasting in general and the application to electricity demand in particular. Ramu retired in 1999, but continued to teach courses for us for a number of years thereafter.

    In addition to his contributions to research and teaching, Ramu will be remembered for his exceptionally gentle and kind personality. He was instrumental in attracting me to the department because he was the only person who had published in international trade at that time. He sent a handwritten letter urging me to come.

    Jim Rauch

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