Remembering the academics who helped make our department what it is today.

Ben Horne (1980-2012)


Student, Traveler, and Friend

Ben passed the summer before entering the job market and his dissertation defense. Thanks to the effort put forth by his advisor, friends and colleagues, Ben’s dissertation research was submitted and he has been awarded a posthumous doctorate in Economics from UC San Diego.

Ben has left us too soon and it is still so hard to believe. But the beauty about Ben is that he left so much to inspire us and so much for us to aspire to. It is easy to imagine how much more he would have done, had he stayed with us longer. We all feel compelled to continue in his footsteps and to support the causes that he was so passionate about.

Beginning Spring quarter, 2013, The Benjamin C. Horne Memorial Prize will be awarded on an annual basis to graduate students in Economics at UC San Diego whose research displays the best potential for real-world application in conflict resolution, development economics or environmental issues. If you would like to contribute to the Ben Horne Memorial Prize Fund, please click here.

Please use this page to honor Ben and his family by sharing your memories, thoughts and stories of how he impacted you and the world around him.

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