Remembering the academics who helped make our department what it is today.

Walter P. Heller (1942 – 2001)

Beloved Father, Husband, and Friend
Avid Outdoorsman and Traveler
An Economist’s Economist

Walt was the colleague and economist that could always be consulted if there wasn’t  a textbook solution to the problem. His research ranged from economic
policy to monetary theory and the efficient use of resources in government services and in the environment. Students were attracted by personal warmth that inspired
continuing loyalty. But his impact on UC San Diego wasn’t just in the field of Economics, the very design of the campus is based on the general land-use design that Walt insisted on as the Chairman of the Academic Senate Committee on Campus Community and Environment. His death is a loss to the field, to his students, to his colleagues, and to the campus community as a whole.  Please use this page to honor Walt and his family by sharing your memories, thoughts and stories of how he impacted you and the world around him.

Also See: Longtime UCSD Economist Walter P. Heller Dies

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